HD IVUS Catheter

HD IVUS Catheter

The ACIST Kodama ® IVUS Catheter has differentiated desgin1 to provide improved deliverability1 and optimized imaging2 for preprocedural planning and post procedural assessment.

Product Specifications

VariFlexTM Imaging window

Improved deliverability1 and optimized imaging2 with the offset distal tip and unique cariable flexibility (VariFlexTM) imaging window of the Kodama® HD IVUS Catheter.

Designed for variable stiffnes along
imaging window length.

Flexible distal end for excellent

Stiffer proximal body

High-speed pullback

10x faster



time reduction1

Pullback time for a

7 cm pullback

7 sec
10 mm/sec
1 min 10 sec
1 mm/sec
Time reduction is during automated pullback speed comparing the maximum speed to Boston Scientific
IVUS max pull back speed of 1 mm/sec.


  1. Data on file- TR-4050- Study Summary for Kodama XCatheter performance
  2. Data on file- TR-07057 – Internal testing
  3. https://www.bostonscientific.com/content/gwc/en-US/products/ffr-ivus-systems/polaris.html Boston scientific max pull back speed 1 mm/sec. Time reduction in during automated pullback comparing the maximum speed

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